Supplying the Trade for over 30 Years (Est. 1989)

About Riverside Animal Feeds

Riverside Animal Feeds is a family-owned business with a rich history dating back to 1989 when it was founded by Keith and Dorothy Musgrave. Keith’s journey began when he worked for a pet food company that was eventually acquired by a larger corporation. Keith decided to strike out on his own and took over a couple of existing product lines, mainly focusing on roasted and cooked meat products.

The name ‘Riverside’ is derived from Keith’s and Dorothy’s small holding located by a riverside in Cheshire. It was here that his two sons, David and Adrian, joined in the venture, making Riverside Animal Feeds a true family enterprise.

As the business started to grow, David and Adrian relocated to larger premises, an industrial unit in Sandbach and a couple of extra staff were employed to meet the demands of the business.

Today, with 12 members of staff, Riverside Animal Feeds has expanded its product range to include over 500 different items. Notably, the natural product range has become the cornerstone of the business. This focus on natural products aligns with the preferences of modern customers who seek pet treat with recognisable ingredients, specific formulations, and appealing textures for their beloved animals. The company’s commitment to providing high-quality, natural pet food has likely contributed to its success and continued growth in the pet treat industry.

Meet our ‘Doggy Delight Detectives’

Our team shares a deep passion for animals. We are pet owners ourselves, and we understand the love and joy that animals bring to our lives. Therefore we felt it important to include our pets in taste-testing the treats the company offers to ensure both the quality and taste are perfect for other furry friends.

Name: Billy

Favourite Treat: Salmon Oil

Name: Tye

Favourite Treat: Venison Skin

Name: Ludo

Favourite Treat: Yak Snack Himalayan Dog Chew

Name: Jasper

Favourite Treat: Large Buffalo Ears

Name: Minnie

Favourite Treat: Pigs Ears

Name: Mabel

Favourite Treat: Plutos Dog Chews

Name: Tom

Favourite Treat: Long Braided Pizzle

Name: Woody

Favourite Treat: 100% Beef Burgers


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