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Pressed Knuckle Bones 10-10.5"


Composition: 100% Natural Rawhide

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 81.83%, Crude Oils & Fats 4.70%, Crude Fibre 0.17%, Crude Ash 2.10%, Moisture 9.10%

Pack Size: 5       Case Size 10 x (5)



Our 10″ Hide Knuckle Bones are great for heavy chewers. The premium hides are chosen specifically for your pet.

They meet the very high standards and comply with the GHP & HACCP strict guidelines. Animal skins are structured from collagen. This protein group is found in cartilage, muscles, bone and teeth. When the collagen dries it makes the hide very hard.

Our Rawhide is imported from Thailand.  We DO NOT import any Rawhide from China.

We recommend you supervise your dog at all times when feeding a treat and ensure fresh water is readily available.

When the rawhide gets “gummy” or when pieces get small and pose a choking hazard, it is recommended that it gets discarded.


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